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Certifying with ECA

Getting Certified
As Africas first ecolabeller and product certifier, ECA works with businesses to reward sustainability leadership. Our Ecolabel on your products will provide consumers and competitors with proof that they have been developed specifically to care for the environment.

But why ECA?

  • ECAs mark provides you with a competitive edge for your products and services by assuring that they represent the most environmentally responsible alternative available.
  • ECA is Africa's only independent ecolabel available to the manufacturing sector
  • ECA provides consumers with an independent and trusted source of environmentally friendly products
  • The ECA Ecolabel is proof of your best practice as measured against internationally respected standards. 
  • Each of the  standards adopted by ECA are in line with ISO 14024 principles for global best practice in ecolabelling and each is internationally recognised and respected in its source market and globally.
  • The ECA certification is trusted, transparent and internationally relevant. 
  • ECAs certification independently supports your companys environmental performance statements and helps you avoid being labeled as greenwashing.

What benefit is there to certification with ECA?
The ECA Ecolabel affords you:

  • Recognition for your efforts to become more environmentally responsible as a manufacturer
  • Credibility: through independent, third-party assessment against internationally applicable criteria for best practice in environmental performance
  • Trust: certification that is trusted and transparent in accordance with internationally recognised standards
  • Differentiation: ECAs Ecolabel on your products makes it easy for customers to choose products that are environmentally preferable.
  • Risk management: third party assurance of your environmental claims helps you avoid charges of greenwashing
  • Leverage for your profile through joint promotions with responsible procurement services

The Application Process

Stage 1: Submitting an Application


  • Submit an Application Form to ECA. Should you have any questions related to the process or in meeting the standard, please call us. To obtain an application form, send your details to us using the comment/feedback form.
  • If there is an ECA standard that your product or service can meet, your application will be assessed against this criteria. If no standard is available, you may request ECA to adopt one if there is market demand.
  • On receipt of your Application Form and Application Fees, your application will be confirmed by ECA.

The prescribed application fees are payable with your application form before the certification process begins. This covers the administrative costs of your application.

Stage 2: The Certification Process


  • The ECA will conduct an initial review of your application and documentation to ensure your product or service appears to conform to the relevant Standard. This is referred to as the Pre-Certification Phase (PCP)
  • If the PCP is successful, it does not automatically result in certification.  It does indicate that the product or service is likely to conform to the relevant standard based on the documentation and information provided.
  • Should the PCP be unsuccessful, ECA will discuss the reasons for this finding with you and provide guidance on where you could improve compliance.  You will need to restart the process based on the need to meet the prescribed standards and the comments received from ECA.
  • Following a successful PCP, ECA will review product documentation and the independent laboratory report and in some cases may conduct on-site visits to verify compliance to all criteria within the ECA standard.  Each on-site visit that may be required will be charged separately by ECA.
  • Based on the independent report and review of documentation (and perhaps on-site reviews), your application may be approved and you will receive your Licence from ECA.  Where any element of conformance is not fully complied with and is not regarded as substantially non-compliant by ECA, you may be afforded a defined period of time in which to meet the standard.  In this event, your Licence may be awarded subject to certain conditions.
  • All information about your product remains confidential information between the applicant and the ECA.


  • All independent laboratory fees and charges are for the applicants account.  Only laboratories accredited through SANAS or its international equivalent and appropriate to the nature of the Licence being sought, may be used for this purpose.  No in-house or affiliated laboratories may be used for this purpose.
  • On-site review or audit fees will depend on the nature of the facility being audited; the distance from Centurion (Pretoria) and the need for accommodation or meals.  In each case, these will be negotiated with the applicant prior to being undertaken..
  • Where your product already holds an international ecolabel, ECA will accept the testing and audit results of the issuing body only if they are members of GEN and the ecolabel is current and valid.  In this case, the applicant must submit a certified copy of the original certificate, licence number; details of the issuing body and a certified copy of the relevant testing laboratory report.

Stage 3: Getting Licensed


  • If your audit results meet ECAs certification standard, you will be issued with a Licence Agreement and an invoice for your Licensing Fee, based on your turnover declaration.
  • Once this fee has been paid and the Licence Agreement has been returned signed, you will be issued with a Licence Number and Certificate and detail of the rules and terms associated with the ECA Ecolabel.  You will also receive a high resolution logo for inclusion on all licenced products and instructions and guidelines for the correct use thereof.


  • Your annual Licence Fee is prescribed according to the turnover of your licenced product or service.  
  • Fees are calculated according to sales figures at the manufacturers gate for certified products for the year past or a minimum fee for products that have not yet been sold.
  • This information must be declared on your Licence Renewal Form on an annual basis prior to the anniversary of your renewal date.
  • The data provided on the Licence Renewal Form will determine your licensing fees for the coming year.

Important points to consider

  • Your first year licence fee is payable prior to receiving your Licence Number and Certificate.
  • Sales are to be provided net (not including VAT)
  • Your Licence fee is based on total annual sales per licenced product and is calculated in South African Rands.


What drives us?

We are driven by a commitment to making a difference to the lives of ordinary people by changing the way in which manufactured products and certain services are developed, used and disposed-of.

How do we achieve this?

ECA achieves its Mission through the application, review and Licencing of products and services against internationally recognised standards of environmental, social and financial compliance.

Our objectives?

By recognising environmentally responsible products and services, we aim to reduce global demand for natural resources and to minimise risks posed to our communities and the environment in general.